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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Population all over Europe

and worldwide

Luebeck, October 5, 2023

General reversal in view of the great mass of the population!
That German-language document you may find here!

Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Political Stage, Dear Sirs,

Today my person would like to give again a short summary of the real situation, because the population respectively the individual citizen quite obviously cannot estimate or understand his individual situation correctly.

It is clearly recognizable, but it is made apparent as an ambiguity, that most of the eight billion people including already children and young people are firmly bound to the devil.

On the one hand at least my person can clearly recognize that in the course of a life often serious mistakes have been committed and thereby the person concerned has got on the debit side or side of the evil or devil, which is in the nature of the matter.

On the other hand, it is a God-given law and it is the will of God or the Creator that there must be an adversary or devil, since man was given a free will and a free spirit by making man capable of making decisions equal to God.

This is also why the Creator connected Himself directly with man through His only begotten Son, in that, among other things, the Creator surrendered a part of Himself to mankind in order to announce and make possible a resurrection of mankind through the death of His Son who became man.
However, according to Bible tradition, even the Son of God, as the Son who became man, was tempted several times by the adversary even before his resurrection through death and was thus challenged to make decisions.

Thus, sooner or later in the course of one's life, every human being is repeatedly put to the test in order to make a decision.

The fatal thing about the matter and the life is that every human being must reckon with a resurrection and an immortality after death!

Whether the human being is for example a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, Hindu or even an atheist or pagan, does not change in the 21st century the fact that we as mankind have long since all connected ourselves with the Christianity by the sexual relations and by the procreation of the descendants, whereas there could possibly still be aborigines in Australia who could fall through the "net of the resurrection"!

Also the different human races have been caught long ago all in the "net of the resurrection", although there will be in general different goals and developments of the corresponding rebirth by the roots of the individual.

However, the common and supporting denominator of the world population is the knowledge and distinction of good and evil, which can be clearly seen in every religious doctrine or philosophy of life or culture, respectively, whereby man's striving for the good arises from his nature and is generally desirable.

On the basis of this fact, one can conclude that the Creation and the Creator of heaven and earth must be good, in the sense of being benevolent, since man, and preferably* the Son of God, is an image of his Father, that is, an image of the Creator. Logically it behaves then also the other way round, and becomes then meaningful, should the Creator want to renew or regenerate himself.

And now, of course, the question of all questions comes to the end time of the 21st century and to the leadership:
Since mankind, according to the observation of my person and according to the logic in the matter, is bound at least to 85 % to the devil, who has mixed himself on different ways also in all world religions, one should know when the time or the chance comes for almost every individual to be able to change to the right credit side of life.

The way it looks right now or has looked for quite a long time, the devil also holds the world in order not to come down himself.

This recognizes for example my person clearly at the human being oneself, and can conclude from it, on which side of the life the respective human being is.

Now there is at the end of the era of the 21st century the offered possibility for all and for every human being to perceive his committed mistakes or wrongdoings, in that these acts and crimes probably also become visible retroactively through a medium or the mirror or however and in that this devilish matter can be produced on others, preferably on my person.

This happens in the high degree by the connection of the concerned causer to the devilish, steered by the concerned perpetrator himself or it happens already by the offside "Christian-devils" who will have scattered everywhere. 

The devil himself will rather not dare and creates much rather offenders and criminals who are in his claws and services!

It must be mentioned absolutely that in the offside (unfinished paradise) certainly* a reversal of the debit and credit side has taken place and will take place.

Also from "this far away place respectively offside" a diabolical control is probably possible which will also serve the creatures respectively " deformed creatures" of the credit side by a reversal of the truth!

To this my person would like to add for the reassurance of all that it can already go on paradisiacal in "a cloud" or vision of the Creation, therefore the paradise will be visually present, what some people who have come near to death could profess and describe unanimously.

But there exists unfortunately something much worse than "only" the devil" or adversary, what was explained several times in the homepages of my person and what will be behind the horizon at the adjacent universe, where also a correspondingly dangerous artificially living solar system will be existent!

Also here at this place no panic must arise, because my person has enough previous knowledge in this matter and so like still some other more, also good relations towards the Creation.

However a justified and worldwide panic can actually arise if the time for a reversal of mankind in the right direction is missed and therefore the individual cannot change to the credit side by also the earth could pass away!

It is difficult for my person to explore, whether it will be the devil who will take care for the most part that the aborted life connected with the Creation will come back to the earth in UFOs by the population remaining trapped in the devil to at least 85 % or, whether it makes more sense to initiate a worldwide reversal of the sides as profitable as possible also by the many millionaires and billionaires!

The chance of the world population for this reversal would be given, if the hunger and the abortions on the world would be ended by many people strictly and afterwards the individual pays attention to the fact, that he helps by own engagement in the matter to provide for a meaningful life of the children and young people!

Otherwise then certainly the Cudgel of my person takes over this part for those, who will not create it without help from the outside or rather "from above"!

Because: The Last Judgment comes for every individual quite certainly what the earth makes clearer and clearer to us every day.

Also the demands of my person will certainly not become smaller, but can't wait much longer! !

My person hopes that some Muslims, especially also here on the spot, could make themselves known about the remaining of the souls after the resurrection by the death, what could be heard in agreement clearly and looks quite black!

Thus my person remains in the hope for a general conversion, by first the wars could be ended "inconspicuously"!


HP: It can be quite possible that the Cudgel of my person makes a clear announcement in this regard for the latter, what would be the best for all, of course!

Part II

It should be considered that life is temporarily directed against self, because it must take everyone and everything with!

October 6, 2023*